I Build Effective Networks

“If I can reach further, it is by connecting with influential nodes”

~ G. F. Khan, Digital Analytics for Marketing

“Building relationships is not about transactions—it’s about connections. The term ‘networking’ is simply another way to think about how to start a relationship. Our relationships are our network.”

M. T. Letterman, 11 Laws of Likability

Simplicity often lies on the other side of complexity.

Eric Berlow, TedTalk – Simplifying Complexity

My Inspiration

In 2010 I watched a Ted Video that would forever change my life. It was a talk given by a gentleman named Eric Berlow entitled Simplifying Complexity.  I was so excited about what he had discovered that I tracked Eric down and spoke with him on the phone while he was hiking in South America. That conversation led me to another conversation that I had with a developer, Bill, at Microsoft, who had partnered with Eric to use the networking analytical software he had to create the analysis of the networks Eric spoke about in his Ted Talk. We had a conversation around utilizing it to analyze key drivers of networks when it came to human relationships. What I discovered changed the way I was doing business and changed the way I help others build their businesses.

Here’s the video:


Networks have always been something that have interested me. In particular, I have always been fascinated with the underlying social networks that drive businesses. Early on, in my research and study of networks, I focused on the social networks and the constructs of employee relationships within a company. At the time I was working for a large manufacturing organization and worked in organizational empowerment. I wanted to map the micro-networks and nodes of influence that formed the communication networks in the company, and I wanted to understand the drivers of those systems.


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